7 Natural Home-made Remedies to Whiten Teeth



Teeth form one of the most important parts of human body, as well as one’s physical beauty. Staying confident while smiling adds a charm to your personality. Nowadays, people are too busy to regularly visit a dentist & hence maintain the proper health & beauty of teeth. So here are some of the homemade tips to whiten one’s teeth. Here we go:-

1. Strawberries:- Strawberries contain “malic acid” that acts as an astringent or cleanser to remove the discoloration from the surface of teeth. This is one of the cheapest methods to whiten teeth at home. All that you need is strawberries & baking soda (yes you also need baking soda to make it more effective). Just crush few strawberries & make a paste its paste. Then mix little baking powder along with this strawberry paste & blend properly. Apply this mixture onto your teeth & leave it there for at least 8-9 minutes. Then brush your teeth (using normal toothpaste) to remove this mixture. You may find some strawberry seeds stuck in between the spaces in your teeth, well using little floss will get you rid of this. This method should be used only once or twice a week because it contains acid & using it too often can damage your teeth enamel.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking Soda:- Hydrogen Peroxide is having bacteria killing property that makes it a natural teeth whitener as it kills all the germs & reduces bad breath, hence enhancing the white color of the teeth. All you need to do is to mix a small quantity of hydrogen peroxide with baking soda & make a paste. The paste should not be viscous, it should be dilute enough, so add a sufficient quantity (not too less, not too more) of hydrogen peroxide to it. Then normally brush your teeth with this paste, like you do with your regular paste. Make sure that you don’t swallow the mixture. You can also try adding this mixture to your regular paste, at least this way you will not have to tolerate the weird taste of baking soda. Don’t worry if your gums turn white for some time, it is due to the anti-bacterial property of hydrogen peroxide. Your teeth will attain the normal color back in just few hours. This method should be used only once or twice a week.

3. Olive Oil:- Olive Oil is also one of the best & harmless teeth whitener. This method for cleaning teeth has been in use since ages. One can use it in two ways. The first method includes mixing 3-4 drops of olive oil with the regular toothpaste & brush with the same in a normal way. Secondly one can wet the corner of a clean cloth with little amount of olive oil & rub the cloth on the teeth in slow motions. This method can be used daily as it is completely harmless & makes the teeth shine whiter & brighter.

4. Use of Charcoal:- When I was a kid, my aunt used to tell me that I must use charcoal for whiter teeth as my teeth were a little stained. And as usual my reaction used to be like “What? Charcoal? Yaawwkkk?”. But after growing up I realized the role of charcoal in whitening teeth. No doubt, it is one of the best and cheapest ways of discoloring the stains on the surface of teeth. All you need to do is to crush the charcoal pieces to make a powder & then mix it with your regular paste (using baking soda will make it more effective). Brush with this paste in a normal way & you will notice the difference in few days. Needless to say, it is harmless & can be used daily.

5. Lemon Juice:- As lemon is famous for its hair lightening properties, so lemon juice can also be used to whiten teeth. Lemon is acidic in nature & this is what makes it a teeth cleaner. Just prepare a paste of baking soda (or plain salt) & a teaspoon of lemon & apply this on your teeth. Keep it there for 5 minutes and then rub the mixture slowly with the help of your fingers or toothbrush. Drinking lemon juice also cleans the teeth.

6. Xylitol Chewing Gums (Sugarless):- Xylitol is a sweetener that is found to have anti-bacterial properties. It reduces the bacteria in the mouth & is found in many sugarless gums. One can keep on chewing these gums. It increases the flow of saliva & helps in maintaining the whiter teeth.

7. Use of Baking Soda:- Simply using baking soda in your regular toothpaste can do wonders for you. Toothpastes contain baking soda as one of the teeth whitening ingredient but it is in very small quantity. Just mix an extra pinch of baking soda with your regular toothpaste & brush your teeth with the same. This method should be used 3-4 times a week. Remember not to swallow the paste. 



9 Smartphone Apps for Earning Money

Someone having an iPhone or Android phone will find this post useful. Having a smart phone these days has just become so viral. So if you have a one, why not use it for earning some rewards or cash..surprised??? Yes, now you can use your smart phone for earning money (or rewards) in spare time like travelling in the bus, in train or just when you simply are doing nothing. All that you need is a smart phone & Internet activated on it. You can be rewarded for watching videos or television or short duration adds, downloading apps, buying music from iTunes store. I found earning rewards in return for downloading music very interesting ..simply you get paid for listening music….that sounds nice na. Certain applications give you the option to collect points for doing various tasks & redeem those points for gift cards & discounts. So this expensive smart-phone that you are carrying may help you to add a little cash to your pocket-money. Here we go:-

1. Field Agent:-

This application is for iPhone users who get rewarded for finishing tasks at the stores that they visit. Instructions are given what to do & how to do for finishing a task at the store. Tasks given are somewhat like taking a picture of a product within a certain time period, scanning bar-codes of the products, checking prices, taking surveys etc. Payment paid for completing a task ranges between $2 to $8 & is made via PayPal. There is no referral program included.
For further details, visit the link:- Field Agent

2. Gigwalk:-

This application is also for iPhone users & is somewhat similar to Field Agent. It can be used by the users residing in specific places like Los-Angeles, South Florida, New York, Boston, Seattle, Philadelphia & San Francisco. Gigwalk connects people with businesses to get work done anywhere. It pays for doing little tasks that normally involve mystery shopping, clicking snaps, downloading specific mobile applications & testing them etc. Payment rate is $2 to $80 per task, depending on the type of task & the way you did it. Payment is made via PayPal.
For further details, visit the link:- Gigwalk

3. Shopkick:-

This application can be used by both iPhone & Android users. Payment is not made in the form of cash but they pay through “Kicks”. Kicks are points that can be further redeemed for a number of things like gift cards. perfumes, movie tickets & certain other discounts. It pays you for going to shopping, no matter you purchase an item or not. What you need to do is simply to go to shopping store, log in to the application & earn kicks. It also pays for scanning products & when you purchase an item, you earn more kicks. Points range from 25 kicks to 6,000,000 kicks. Also you get 50 kicks when you sign up & 2000 kicks extra when you invite 3 friends.
For further details, visit the link:- Shopkick

4. Checkpoints:-

This application can be used by both iPhone & Android Users. You just need to install the application. Whenever you walk into any shopping store, just open the application & you will see a list of featured products. Scan the bar-codes of the products listed there. You earn points for each scan which can be redeemed for gift cards, gadgets, designer accessories etc. Downloading & trying out certain apps featured on Checkpoints can also fetch you some points. Plus get a bonus of 150 points when anyone joins through your link.
For further details, visit the link:- Checkpoints

5. SwagBucks:-

This application is for both iPhone & Android Users. SwagBucks lists many ways to earn points called as “Swag-bucks”. Simply register & earn 30 Swag Bucks. Complete some online activities like daily polls, mobile searches etc. & earn Swag Bucks. It also features its own search engine & one gets paid for searching the web through it, either on mobile or on computer. Redeem reward points (Swag Bucks) for 1000’s of great prizes like gift cards, electronics and more. e.g. You can redeem 500 points (or Swag Bucks) for a $5 Gift Card & that is equivalent to about 1000 searches.
For further details, visit the link:- SwagBucks

6. iPoints:-

This application is for iPhone or iPad Users only. iPoints is a loyalty rewards program for iTunes. You can earn rewards or points for purchasing & downloading your favorite music, videos or movies from iTunes Store. Points can be further redeemed for gift cards (Amazon, Target, or Walmart), other paid apps in itunes store or get cash back through Paypal or a Visa Debit Card.
For further details, visit the link:- iPoints

7. WeRewards:-

This application is for both iPhone & Android Users. This app pays you points for checking into some store & completing the tasks given. One of the most common tasks is clicking a picture of yourself with the product featured in the WeRewards list at some participating business place. The earned points can be redeemed directly for cash. You can earn $0.01 per point & the payout level is $10 minimum.
For further details, visit the link:- WeRewards

8. iPinion:-

This application is for both iPhone & Android users. It pays you for completing surveys on mobile or desktop, online or offline etc. No doubt, it is not going to make you rich overnight but still can help to earn few extra dollars. You get rewards for completing each survey, that can be further redeemed for cash or other gifts.
For further details, visit the link:- iPinion

9. AppRedeem:-

This application is open to both iPhone & Android Users. You get paid for reviewing other applications featured in AppRedeem. Some of the apps to be reviewed are free while as some are not. As it is entirely your wish which app to download & which not, so you can earn points for downloading & rating only free ones, leaving the paid ones. Just watch app trailers & get instant gift cards, points that can be redeemed for cash etc.
For further details, visit the link:- AppRedeem

9 Websites That Pay For Writing Articles

Hello everyone. This is my first article regarding Internet marketing. So I am really excited to share it with you. Well not wasting your time further, I will directly jump to the topic of this post i.e. websites that pay us for writing articles.

If you will Google the term “Earn money online”, you will find thousands of websites that promise to pay money for online work. Some of them are fake, but not all. Websites that provide genuine online work do exist. You just need to remember that never ever pay a single penny for some online work. Risks are that you might loose it. Genuine websites normally don’t ask for any money. In fact they give you the same after you complete the required task.

Here I am going to discuss top nine websites that pay you for writing articles. If you are a writer, freelancer, blogger or have good writing skills, then why don’t you give a chance to your talent. After all, who on earth won’t love to earn extra amount of money. So here we go:-

1. Make Use Of:-

Make use of is one the top tech blogs that pay you a fair sum of money for writing tech articles. If you are totally obsessed with computers & get fascinated by the world of technology, then you have stepped on the right stone. It has over 450,000 subscribers. Payment rate is $50 per article (provided the article should be flawless) & method of payment is through Paypal. By posting articles on Make Use Of, you aren’t only earning a good amount of money but also exposing your content in front of thousands of people. They have few requirements before they accept you as a writer e.g. your English should be perfect, articles should be original etc etc. Plus point is that you will get a permanent author page on this site where you will find all your published articles.
If you are interested in writing for Make Use Of, just drop your resume at post4us@makeuseof.com with links to your website / blog (if available).
For further details, follow the link:-
Apply for Writer at Make Use Of

2. Most Inspired:-

This is another website that pays you for contributing an article. The pay rate is based on the type & length of the article. The advantage of writing for this site is that you can submit an article on any topic under the sun. Also no professional writing skills are required. You can start as a fresher also. Preference will be given to those who will submit articles about Web designing or building of websites, but it doesn’t mean articles on other topics aren’t accepted. So relax. They accept articles out of this sphere also.
For further details, follow the link:-
Apply for Writer at Most Inspired

3. Blogging.org:-

By becoming a member of Blogging.org, you can get good writing jobs. All that you need to do is to signup for the website & create a profile page. But be sure to list all the particulars about yourself on your profile page, including your writing skills & the topics with which you are well acquainted because authors are being picked up by clients who request content from them. Premium Content Writers Earn $30/hr+. They have articles ranging in price from $1.50 – $20 per article. There is no limit to the number of articles you can submit & also they pay weekly with no threshold limits. So get started today.
For further details, follow the link:-
Apply for Writer at Blogging.org

4. Helium:-

Through Helium, you can polish your freelancing skills. This is another paid to write site where you can earn money by posting articles on any topic you like. The amount of money that you get from your article depends on two things: the rating that your article receives from other users & the traffic that it attracts. So try this only if your writing skills are flawless because then only you will be able to make a good amount per article.
For further details, follow the link:-
Apply for Writer at Helium

5. Associated Content:-

One of the best thing about this website is that you can submit articles that you might have published elsewhere as well. Normally this is something that very few websites allow. But you can make more money from the articles that you write specifically for Associated Content. This website is now known as contributor.yahoo.com. As a member, you can write articles on any topic. Only US residents are eligible.
For further details, follow the link:-
Apply for Writer at Associated Content

6. Bukisa:-

This is another paid to write site where you can make money by writing articles on any topic you like. They also pay referral payment, means they pay you when other writers join the site through your referral link. It is becoming one of the fastest growing publishing community on the web. They place Google adsense ads on your article page, so that is good source of earning money if people get engaged with your content. Just make sure to publish original articles. Copied content is strictly prohibited.
For further details, follow the link:-
Apply for Writer at Bukisa

7. Elance:-

Elance is one of the biggest hub for freelancers that provides online work. Actually it is a platform that lets clients meet the freelancers. What one needs to do is to sign up & make a full fledged nice profile. Then submit proposals for the listed jobs & get hired. Elance has made almost $711,093,203 payment up to date. Just sign up & start earning.
For further details, follow the link:-
Apply for Writer at Elance

8. Demand Studios:-

They accept members only from UK, USA and Canada (they may allow other countries soon). This is one of the best article writing websites online. To work as a writer, you need to submit your CV. If you have the potential to influence people with your articles, then approval is sure. Once you get approved, then you can submit your articles on any topic. No particular niche is there. Writers get paid twice a week for published articles. Pay per article ranges from $15-$30 & all payments are made via Paypal.
For further details, follow the link:-
Apply for Writer at Demand Studios

9. Content Current:-

They are currently hiring writers on a contract basis & they pay per word. Payout is weekly & payment is made through Paypal. There are many writing tasks that are waiting to be completed. One should have a good fluency in English to apply as a writer. At the time of applying as a writer, one should be ready with a test article as they ask for one. The process for approving a writer is a little longer but one can make a good money once approved.
For further details, follow the link:-
Apply for Writer at Content Current